YOUNITE (Young Adults over 20)

What? Young adults between 20 and 35 getting together

When? #time2younite, our key element, takes place on Fridays at 17:30 (every other week). 

Where? "Frankfurt betet", Oeder Weg 6



The goal and vision behind YOUNITE is to 1. nurture a strong community culture among young people in our church so that everyone feels part, encouraged, and supported, as well as 2. help shape a movement among the young generation in Frankfurt, intentionally open, loving unity, spiritually minded, and infecting others. We live this out through our different formats #time2be I #time2younite I #time2selah I #time2go – and beyond.

You are welcome to join us, no matter what your faith or background is!


Text us or just drop by!