Our Vision and Core values

Our Vision


We are a multicultural community reaching our neighborhood with the gospel.


Our Core Values
A. Love and Respect for all people more
People from all nations, religions, life philosophies, and political backgrounds are warmly welcomed to personally experience the church of Jesus and understand His Gospel, though our lives, in fellowship and friendship with one another. Whether skeptical or searching, people who find their way to our church are free to disagree with our faith, provided they will respect our faith, just as we will theirs. We welcome each person with love and acceptance, and hope that through our weekly activites, as well as our church service, that each will experience the church of Jesus and His Gospel.
B. Intercultural Reconciliation more
We believe that reconciliation between all nations and friendships between foreigners and Germans can only be accomplished through the power of the cross. In all areas of our church life, we want to leave room for the enriching cultural distinctiveness of our various nationalities. We want to celebrate the rich gift of our multiculturalism as well as the special characteristics of each nation, as a preview of heaven.
C. Worshipping our big God more
The centerpiece of our church life is the worship service, in which we collectively worship God, listen to His Word and celebrate communion. We give God the honor that He deserves, allowing ourselves to be changed through His beauty and truth, being built up and refreshed through our faith and life in Jesus.
Our worship is orderly and moderate, joyful and liturgically diverse. We make use of art, theater, and music. Through the use of various cultural styles and languages in the worship time (always in German), we celebrate the diversity of God’s peoples in the world.
D. Bible Teaching and Life Application of God's Word more
The proclamation and teaching from God’s Truth through God’s Word, the Bible, is central to our church life. God’s Word and Truth is the path to a daily personal experience in our relationship with Jesus. The Bible is our authority in these areas: the use of our spiritual gifts, life together, our experience with the supernatural, a guide for our relationships, our moral behavior and every day decisions.
E. Building up and Pastoral Care in Community more
In a world, in which individualism is on the rise, community with others is essential for every human being, which is why we structured our church according to the motto "Big enough to impact, yet small enough to care". Community has to do with mutual care and happens (1) by promoting and celebrating the colorful diversity of our church through planned events or spontaneous meetings, (2) by offering pastoral care to every member in difficult times and difficult experiences, (3) by placing special emphasis on our small groups (we call them Connect groups) where close spiritual fellowship is lived and fostered through prayer and practical Bible sharing, and where encouragement, accountability and personal growth as well as pastoral care and diaconal care can take place.
F. Service and Mission for the City more
The Gospel of Jesus tells us to actively engage in bringing freedom where slavery reigns; to stand up for human dignity where exploitation and humiliation reign; for justice and righteousness and rights where  injustice and poverty reign; for legal assistance where illegal immigration reigns; in bondage, where someone is separated and intolerance reigns; for building up families, where despair in the marriage or child rearing problems reign; involvement for children and youth, where neglect and lack of love reign.
G. Growth and Multiplication in All Areas more
Our focus is to share the good news of the gospel and thus God's relationship with people. That is why we want all members of our church to multiply their faith in other people who are open to the power of God, and every small group to multiply into more small groups.