Our Networks

Chrischona Gemeinschaftswerk Deutschland (CGW) or Chrischona Germany

Our church is under the umbrella of Chrischona Germany, to which more than 60 churches in Germany belong. The CGW e. V. is a free evangelical church and is also a member of the Evangelischer Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverband, the umbrella organization of the community movement in Germany. The CGW is affiliated with the TSC-Network (The Theological Seminary of St. Chrischona near Basel), where students can study theology, pedagogy and music. In order to be trained for the diverse tasks of church work, missionary service, religious education and deaconship.

Evangelische Allianz in Frankfurt a.M. or Evangelical Alliance Frankfurt

This is a network of about 50 congregations and ministries from the State, free, independent and migrant churches in Frankfurt am Main. The Evangelical Alliance Frankfurt is a part of the greater Evangelical Alliance of Germany, with approx. 2 million people from 1,105 places and this is a part of the World Evangelical Alliance, which is in 122 nations.


mosaiXmultiply is a non-profit organization that seeks to help lead people from every language, cultural and religious background to salvation in Jesus, through recruiting and equipping men and women for dynamic cross-cultural multiplication. At the heart of this is the MosaiX Academy, which seeks to train Christians to plant multicultural churches.

InterCultural Student Network

The ICSN is a network of churches in Frankfurt, of which we are excited to be a part, by sharing Christ's love throughout our city and bringing international students together through a variety of activities and fellowship. If you are interested in learning more or joining us, please contact us!

Haqiqa TV

Haqiqa  (Arabic: "truth") is an evangelistic project involving people from many different churches and aims to present the Christian faith in a well-balanced way on social media, through apologetic videos and inter-religious livestream dialogue. As well as, weekly evangelism is downtown Frankfurt. This a project, we as Mosaik Nord are happy to support.

EFG Frankfurt-Nordwest (Eschersheim)

EFG Eschersheim is a Baptist church in the Eschersheim district of Frankfurt, that began in the 1950s. Starting in autumn 2022, we partnered with this lively and welcoming church, whose love for Jesus is evident, and since November 2022 their building has been our church home.